Zoltán Szombathy (ed.)

Zoltán Szombathy (ed.) Documenta et Monographiae VI

Documenta et Monographiae VI

The History of Bidyini and Kaabu – Two Chronicles in Arabic from Guinea-Bissau

The Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies / Piliscsaba
Sprache: Englisch, Arabisch
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ISBN 9789638761804
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With an Intro­ductory Study by Eva Sebe­s­tyen and Zoltan Szom­bathy
Arabic text pp. 55, commen­tary in English pp. 176

Also forming part of the Fontes Histo­riae Afri­canae publis­hing project (Series Arabica, XII) of the Union Acadé­mique Inter­na­tional, this volume contains an edition, trans­la­tion and commen­tary of two Arabic texts rela­ting to African history. The two texts were written in the second half of the 19th century by local Mandinka scho­lars of what is now Guinea-Bissau. The first chro­nicle narrates the history of the Mandinka kingdom of Kaabu, while the other text is a chro­nicle of the village of Bidyini, a locally important sett­le­ment of Muslim scho­larly lineages. Important sources for the history of Guinea-Bissau as well as the Manding-spea­king peoples, the chro­ni­cles are also notable exam­ples of the Arabic writing among West African Muslims.

With many illu­s­t­ra­tions in colours and some in b/w.