Sophie Roche (ed.)

Sophie Roche (ed.) Central Asian Intellectuals on Islam

Central Asian Intellectuals on Islam

Between Scholarship, Politics and Identity

Ulrike Freitag, Zentrum Moderner Orient

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Language: English
1. Edition ()
Paperback, 396 pages
ISBN 9783879977178

This book brings toge­ther a selec­tion of academic texts on Islam in Central Asia and the biogra­phies of the authors. The collec­tion of biogra­phies of Islamic intel­lec­tuals ranging from office-holder, to (oppo­si­tion) politi­cians and acade­mics covers the late socia­list period, pere­s­t­roika and inde­pen­dence. They docu­ment the long-term trans­for­ma­tions of Islamic iden­ti­ties by Central Asians and the impact intel­lec­tuals have on shaping contem­porary society. The book aims to faci­li­tate a compa­ra­tive reflec­tion on the condi­tions of know­ledge-produc­tion on Islam in the matrix of social move­ments and the spirit of an epoch, personal life-trajec­to­ries and convic­tions, politics and its effects.
Most of the authors presented here are well-known in their scho­larly or political field of action, so their arti­cles have to be seen as autho­ri­ta­tive texts in the same way as their biogra­phies are. Thus in this book the focus is less on the deli­nea­tion of a scho­larly tradi­tion (Oriental Studies), and more on the deve­lop­ment of indi­vi­dual live­li­hoods and deve­lop­ments in a spec­trum of scho­larship, reli­gious convic­tion and political acti­vism.

Sophie Roche has an educa­tion in Social Anthro­po­logy and Central Asian Studies. She has conducted rese­arch on conf­licts in Taji­kistan with a focus on Islam, demo­graphy and biography.